Our Second EP "In Memoriam" Is Now Available

“I held it truth, with him who sings    To one clear harp in divers tones,    That men may rise on stepping-stones Of their dead selves to higher things.” (In MEMORIAM, ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON)

"In Memoriam" contains four tracks. An alternative mix of “Memoriam”, “Road to Silence”, the epic “The Wind That Brings The Snow” and “Christmas Time”. 

It was always the intention to bring these four songs together as they share the same theme. I think the title of the EP “In Memoriam” will give you a clue as to what that theme is! 

A smartlink for the EP can be found here..... https://hypeddit.com/forgottengarden/inmemoriam-1

Inês has written a beautiful piece about her experience of creating the "In Memoriam" EP and has made a dedication...

“This EP ended up speaking about grief: the darkness that arrives with loss and that gets mixed in with the long nights of winter. Part of the songs were sung before I had ever entered this darkness myself. I sang them by trying to empathise with those who had. Then life did that thing where it weaves strange, almost ironic, coincidences, and the songs materialised for me. However, having them brought me a great deal of comfort during this time: they gave me something beautiful to associate loss with. And for that, I’d like to dedicate these vocal performances to my nan and to my uncle. May you always live in the hearts of those who love you, and now too in these songs. I hope this EP brings that same comfort to others who might need it.”


Forgotten Garden are an Indie Rock band (duo+guests) with dark/gothic post-punk tendencies. Occasionally they also wander from the path of post-punk righteousness into more acoustic territory. The haunting vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Danny lives in the north of Scotland whilst Inês lives in Portugal. They started working together in 2019.

The Broken Pieces EP that dropped in September 2020 was Forgotten Garden's first release. It contains four tracks based around the theme of a relationship breakdown.

On July 23rd 2021 Screamlite Records released a new single by Forgotten Garden entitled “Jessica”. This is a song about the consequences of domestic trauma. It was paired with “Broken Pieces” (Natural Mix) - a re-mix that previously only had very limited availability.

On 6th December 2021 we released the "Christmas Time" single. "Christmas Time" is an alternative, dark acoustic track about how sad memories can come back to haunt us at Christmas.

Since then we have released four more singles: Bad Guy, Jessica (Acoustic) Memoriam and Francesca.

On 29th March 2024 we released our second EP "In Memoriam". The four songs on "In Memoriam" are based around the themes of passing, loss and grief. The Indie Grid called the EP "a thing of fragile and transient beauty"

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure and Joy Division and Scottish folk music. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint.