Filming the upcoming Memoriam video - Photo by Sara Pinto @eveliviolet_art

Filming the upcoming Memoriam video - Photo by Sara Pinto @eveliviolet_art

They melt like mist, the solid lands, Like clouds they shape themselves and go.” 

In Memoriam, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

On September 2nd we released a new single entitled “Memoriam”.

Memoriam is a sad and poignant Dark Indie song that takes it's inspiration from the tragic experience of those who are unable to comfort a loved one at their passing. This situation, of course, was particularly prevalent, during the Covid lockdowns when even the attendance of funerals became problematic. Grief and loss in general permeate the song. 

The track features a strong bass line, energetic drums and a wistful synth sound that revolve around a constellation of sad, melodic guitar riffs. Soaring above all of this are the melancholic and powerful vocals of Inês Rebelo. Woven together, the instruments and strong vocals create a powerful Indie song that explores a tragic facet of modern life. 

You can stream or buy the song on various platforms by using this smart link.... 

Memoriam Smart Link

We hope that you will enjoy it!

Forgotten Garden takes you through four stages of a relationship breakdown on their hauntingly beautiful EP Broken Pieces. Covering you in a synth blanket, the band uses haunting lyrics, airy vocals and some rock guitar lines to paint vivid images.” - Claudia Mendes

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Forgotten Garden are an Indie Rock band (duo+guests) with dark/gothic post-punk tendencies. Occasionally they also wander from the path of post-punk righteousness into more acoustic territory. The haunting vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Danny lives in the north of Scotland whilst Inês lives in Portugal. They started working together in 2019.

The Broken Pieces EP that dropped in September 2020 was Forgotten Garden's first release. It contains four tracks based around the theme of a relationship breakdown.

On July 23rd 2021 Screamlite Records released a new single by Forgotten Garden entitled “Jessica”. This is a song about the consequences of domestic trauma. It was paired with “Broken Pieces” (Natural Mix) - a re-mix that previously only had very limited availability.

On 6th December 2021 we released the "Christmas Time" single. "Christmas Time" is an alternative, dark acoustic track about how sad memories can come back to haunt us at Christmas.

Since then we have released three more singles: Bad Guy, Jessica (Acoustic) and the current single Memoriam.

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure and Joy Division and earlier bands like The Doors. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint.