The band’s first release sounds anything but; the four tracks zing with gorgeous pop lines accompanied by folk, rock and dream pop tones, whilst Ines’ vocals turn chameleon like from ethereal to earthy in a heartbeat” - Jane Ireland

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Forgotten Garden are an Indie Rock band (duo+guests) with dark/gothic post-punk tendencies. Occasionally they also wander from the path of post-punk righteousness into more acoustic territory. The haunting vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Danny lives in the north of Scotland whilst Inês is currently living in Portugal. They started working together in 2019.

The Broken Pieces EP that dropped in September 2020 was Forgotten Garden's first release. It contains four tracks based around the theme of a relationship breakdown. Claudia Mendes of The Other Side Reviews said “Forgotten Garden takes you through four stages of a relationship breakdown on their hauntingly beautiful EP Broken Pieces. Covering you in a synth blanket, the band uses haunting lyrics, airy vocals and some rock guitar lines to paint vivid images”

On July 23rd 2021 Screamlite Records released a new single by Forgotten Garden entitled “Jessica”. "Jessica" is about one woman's search for inner peace after suffering domestic trauma. It was paired with “Broken Pieces” (Natural Mix) - a re-mix that previously only had very limited availability.

In December 2021 we released "Christmas Time" an acoustic song about how Christmas can bring back memories of loss from the past. This was followed by two well received singles "Bad Guy" and "Jessica (acoustic)" in 2022.

In September 2022 we released the critically acclaimed track Memoriam as a single.

In August 2023 we released the single "Francesca"

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure and Joy Division and earlier bands like The Doors. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint.

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PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release 

I held it truth, with him who sings

 To one clear harp in divers tones,

 That men may rise on stepping-stones

Of their dead selves to higher things.

In Memoriam 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Forgotten Garden's new EP “In Memoriam” will be released on 29th March 2024

The “In Memoriam” EP brings together four tracks with the same theme of loss and passing. It is a mixture of different styles as we try to do create something that is a little unusual! 

The first track is an alternative mix of the single “Memoriam”. “Memoriam” is a sad and poignant dark indie rock song that takes it's inspiration from the tragic experience of those unable to comfort a loved one at their passing. The track features a strong bass line, energetic drums and a wistful synth sound that are all centred around a constellation of sad, melodic guitar riffs. Soaring above all this is the melancholic and powerful voice of Inês Rebelo.

Sinusodial Blog said of Memoriam: “Forgotten Garden has always been a master of creating powerful and moving music, and this song is no exception. Inês’s dreamy vocals are captivating. Her emotions are so pure and raw.....It’s definitely one of my favourite indie songs 

Next is a new track “Road to Silence”. “Road to Silence” is an indie rock song which tells the story of a soldier who returns from a war after suffering mental trauma only to find himself homeless. He is ignored by people who have “forgotten what he was fighting for” and so the veteran walks the “road to silence”. The song heavily features a powerful lead guitar and captivating strings. The vocals are arranged as a duet with the delicate, wistful tones of Inês combining with the warm, deep tones of guest vocalist Michael Rattray.

A crowd reviewer said of Road to Silence: “A nice song to hear and I really love it. The music is fantastic. The song structure and lyrics are amazing. I will recommend this song to my friends.” 

The third song “The Wind That Brings The Snow” is a powerful world/celtic song inspired by the worst disaster in UK mountaineering history when five children and a young adult died in atrocious weather conditions on the sub-arctic Cairngorm Plateau in Scotland. The track has a number of instruments not usually associated with Forgotten Garden such as Bagpipes and a native American rattle. It has a cinematic, epic feel to it which is enhanced by the beautiful haunting vocals of Inês.

A crowd reviewer said of The Wind That Brings The Snow: I love this big catchy driving beat! This is a very unique and creative sounding song. I think this could be great in a movie or TV show soundtrack. The vocals are angelic.

The final track is “Christmas Time”. With Christmas Time we wanted to create something different from the usual Christmas song. In a way the song has it's roots in the traditional Christmas ghost story most famously found in “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Although the song isn't a ghost story per se, it is the story of how memories from the past can return to haunt you at Christmas. In the song Christmas becomes the milestone of a tragedy. The track is acoustic with erudite piano, beautiful strings and Inês's heart rending vocals.

Milena Calado of Roadie Magazine said of Christmas Time “It's surprising how with just a piano in a more acoustic version, the duo does a brilliant job that is totally out of the ordinary. It's hard not to want to hear it more often, because it's a spectacular endeavour.”

Forgotten Garden are an Indie band (duo+guests) with dark wave tendencies. Their songs are generally sad, poignant and haunting. Vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Although primarily an electric band they do sometimes produce acoustic material. After spending many years in Scotland, Inês now lives in her native Portugal. Danny lives in the north of Scotland. They started working together in 2019.

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure, Joy Division and the Smiths. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint. In fact, Forgotten Garden have been described as Lana Del Rey meets The Cure!!

Forgotten Garden are:

Inês Rebelo: Vocals and Production

Danny Elliott: Guitars, Keyboards and Production

Contact: Danny Elliott at








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