The band’s first release sounds anything but; the four tracks zing with gorgeous pop lines accompanied by folk, rock and dream pop tones, whilst Ines’ vocals turn chameleon like from ethereal to earthy in a heartbeat” - Jane Ireland

Angry Baby


Forgotten Garden are an Indie Rock band (duo+guests) with dark/gothic post-punk tendencies. Occasionally they also wander from the path of post-punk righteousness into more acoustic territory. The haunting vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Danny lives in the north of Scotland whilst Inês is currently living in Portugal. They started working together in 2019.

The Broken Pieces EP that dropped in September 2020 was Forgotten Garden's first release. It contains four tracks based around the theme of a relationship breakdown. Claudia Mendes of The Other Side Reviews said “Forgotten Garden takes you through four stages of a relationship breakdown on their hauntingly beautiful EP Broken Pieces. Covering you in a synth blanket, the band uses haunting lyrics, airy vocals and some rock guitar lines to paint vivid images”

On July 23rd 2021 Screamlite Records released a new single by Forgotten Garden entitled “Jessica”. "Jessica" is about one woman's search for inner peace after suffering domestic trauma. It was paired with “Broken Pieces” (Natural Mix) - a re-mix that previously only had very limited availability.

In December 2021 we released "Christmas Time" an acoustic song about how Christmas can bring back memories of loss from the past. This was followed by two well received singles "Bad Guy" and "Jessica (acoustic)" in 2022.

In September 2022 we released the critically acclaimed track Memoriam as a single.

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure and Joy Division and earlier bands like The Doors. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint.

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PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release 

“The caged bird sings with a fearful trill 

of things unknown but longed for still 

and his tune is heard on the distant hill 

for the caged bird sings of freedom.” 

Caged Bird by Maya Angelou 

Forgotten Garden's new Single Francesca will be released on 24th August 2023 

“Francesca” is a poignant Dark Indie song about a woman whose previous socialite life has been eclipsed by the necessity of caring for her demanding and overbearing mother. Francesca feels trapped by duty and isolated from the world she once inhabited. She spends her time dreaming of returning to that lost life rather than making the most of her current situation. All of this takes a toll on her mental health leading to some outlandish behaviour. As time passes her beauty slowly fades which adds to her mental anguish “your fading beauty feeds your minds disease”. 

Inês's exquisite, haunting vocals for this song are underpinned by the energetic bassline of Mel D and the tom tom rich drums of Matt Snowden. Holding things together are Danny's lush guitars and synth. 

Forgotten Garden are a Dark Indie band (duo+guests). Their songs are generally sad, poignant and haunting. Vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays the guitars and keyboards. Although primarily an electric band they do occasionally produce acoustic material. Inês lives in her native Portugal. Danny lives in the north of Scotland. They started working together in 2019. 

The music of Forgotten Garden is mostly inspired by the dark music of bands like The Cure and Joy Division. Inês's vocals are influenced by some of her favourite artists like Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Kelsey Lu and Warpaint. In fact, Forgotten Garden have been described in the past as Lana Del Rey meets The Cure!! 

Quotes from Crowd Reviewer's : 

“This indie song stands out due to its unique and refreshing sound, breaking away from mainstream conventions. Its heartfelt and introspective lyrics delve into genuine emotions, making it relatable and resonant with a diverse audience.” 

“This band would be great to see live, great energy and vibe. The singer has a sweet cool voice, love it.” 

“I really love it. The music is fantastic. The song structure and lyrics are amazing. I will recommend this song to my friends.” 

“She had a great voice that fitted perfectly and the band played an awesome song.” 

“Its haunting vocals and poetic lyrics draw you into a world of emotion and self-discovery. The melodic instrumentals created a lush soundscape” 

Track List 


Lead and Backing Vocals - Inês Rebelo 
Guitars and Synth – Danny Elliott 
Drums – Matt Snowden 

Bass – Mel D 

Mixed by Inês Rebelo 

Mastered by Jimistudios 

Produced by Danny Elliott and Inês Rebelo 


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